My Bio

My name is Brian Hebets and I have a passion for art. Born and raised in San Diego, CA and love everything about my city. I Graduated from the Art Institute- San Diego with a Bachelors in Science. I have over fifteen years of study in Fine Arts along with three years of study in Media Arts and Animation. I specialize in Digital and Traditional Arts. My Digital expertise range from creating Matte Paintings, designing CG Environments to Texture and Lighting. My insperations come from my favorite childhood artists H.R. Giger, Wyland, Bob Ross and horror/ sci-fi classics. My favorite styles of art range from Graffiti, Surrealism and Photo-realism. My Motivations and ideas are fed from the ones closet to me, my friends and crew. "The Dirtbags"I work close with a few extremely talented artists... SUMO1, WISE, ROWDY, FUNGUS. Each one of them brings a different touch of creativity and style to the table which can benefit anyone at our session. Art to me, keeps the mind and spirit alive, and the only time I feel alive is when I'm painting. My daily note to self..."Your success depends on your effort"

"I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious."- Diego Rivera. Matte Painting challenges

"New World"

I want to introduce my vision of a world, "New World", that I've been building over the last several years through sketches, canvas and digital paintings. The idea behind this story is simply introducing exotic locations and creatures in their natural habitat through the eyes of a character capturing something unknown. This is my documentary of Goliath Island.


Personal Time

Art Shows

"The Dirt Bags"

This is my crew. My creative family. "The Dirt Bags". A handful guys who share the same passion for art. For the last few years, we've built a solid foundation which has generated countless works of art including our own improvements with mediums and creativity. This is our lifestyle outside of our daily jobs.